viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

Discover How Everything Started by Ester Marco. Alex González and Mario Cortés

How did everything start? A cooperative project that we students of Virgen del Romeral School have created!! Here you are a part of it!!

In this project we had done a revision of the start of the universe, with Adan and Eva, about God, about baptism, the original sin, the sacrament of reconciliation, Espido Freire, confession and other interesting things.

On the one hand, we think the religion is very important and now how everything started. Also we think that searching in internet and on the book we could learn it on a different way, and being in groups in funnier because when you are alone is more boring. On the other hand this essay is a bit hard because at least our unit is a bit difficult to find information about some things on the internet and some point are difficult to explain, for example we wanted to do an inquest but we did find anything interesting to ask. We think that in this unit we have learn so much about religion because we could deep in it, but the main learning for us comes from Adan, because he is an important part of the church.

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